Welcome To The Twilight Zone Of Travel: Ads From The 1968 New Haven Railroad Timetable

Oh, how times have changed. I can imagine Mad Men’s Don Draper reading this timetable a few seasons from now. Yes “fellows”, the “little woman would just love to accompany you on some of your business trips” and “busy herself (as only a woman can) — shopping, book-browsing…” Wow.

I’m also reasonably certain that most of today’s train passengers don’t want to know the answer to “Does Your Group Grope?” Remember this timetable is from the sixties – so, as you can see, you could choose to find your “innerspace” instead. Groovy.

However, some things really don’t change . After following the debt ceiling crisis and debate drama, surely some travelers would like to visit Washington, DC to “shake the hand of their Congressman.”