Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 Royaly Fails U.S. Health Inspection

It used to be that any ship to bear the name of the Queen was impeccable. Beyond reproach. With everything perfect, a Cunard Liner like the Queen Mary 2 had nothing but the best and it showed in the royal treatment it gave it’s passengers. So when the shining flagship of the Cunard fleet pulled into New York harbour and was greeted with a random health inspection, nobody dreamed her royal highness would fail.

The US Center for Disease Control mandates surprise health inspections on all incoming luxury liners. It just happened to be the Queen Mary’s turn. And to be fair, the Queen missed passing by only 2 points, scoring an 84 with a score below 86 considered a fail. But when one hears of the list of infractions, one has to wonder what happened to the glory days of transatlantic cruising?

Cunard was cited for cockroaches in the food storage area, human hair in the ice machine, extremely dirty water in their splash pool, and numerous food safety violations at the King’s Court buffet. Lines dispensing beer were heavily soiled, food stored with dirty towels and dishes, and plastic containers stored directly on deck in wide open view. The term “filthy” was used several times in the CDC report.

Cunard replies that this is a one time occurrence, and that the Queen has passed with a 95 or higher on most previous CDC inspections. Cunard also spins it that the infractions were limited to a small section of the Queen and that it wasn’t a ship wide issue. They also say that the issued raised in the report have been immediately addressed and corrected (translation: maybe some people lost their jobs).

It’s the first time in three years that a major cruise ship has failed a CDC health inspection. The real question will be if it will be the last.

Hat Tip – USA Today