Alternatives To Bland and Expensive Airline Food

The New York times has a great article which consults Food Network star Melissa d’Arabian, and other chefs on how to brown bag it when traveling to avoid high priced airline food with poor taste. d’Arabian, advises that since taste buds dull at high altitudes, to be sure to over season food you bring on board. And not only because of altitude. Research shows that the noise coming from airline engines also has an affect on how eater’s experience the flavor of their foods. Other options? After the jump …

Melissa d’Arabian, also advises pre-cooked pasta that can be warmed up with a small amount of hot tea water. Topped with chopped cherry tomatoes and cheese and you have a full meal. Other ideas? Freeze your food before you leave. With the time it takes to travel to the airport, get through TSA and reach altitude, a frozen treat – like yogurt or fruit cocktail will thaw perfectly by the time it’s ready to be eaten.

Other options? Sandwiches, cured meats like sausage or salami, proscuitto and cheese. Lastly, travelers can always eat before they arrive at the airport, or if pressed for time, pick up something at the terminal. There are usually good options like Wolfgang Puck Express or LaBrea Bakery that can provide a high quality, albeit expensive meal. But at least it’ll taste good.

Hat Tip – New York Times