Poll Shows Americans Want A Vacation This Year

According to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll, 60 percent of Americans say that taking the family vacation is going to be an important event this year. That’s certainly good news for the travel and tourism industry, but what isn’t good news is that over 70 percent of Americans expect they’ll have to spend more on transportation to get there. That’s nearly twice as much as last year and may be problematic for the tourism industry which will have to be creative to get that all important vacation dollar.

In 2010, when gas averaged $2.80 a gallon, Americans were looking to spend far less on their transportation needs. AAA was talking about the return of the great American road trip. And Chevy was renewing their “see the USA with a Chevrolet” campaign. Since then, gas is averaging nearly $4.00 a gallon nationally.

But the polls suggests that in spite of high transportation costs, most Americans are simply going to absorb the raising price and take that vacation anyway. The results could indicate that Americans are simply resigned to the high cost of gas. But will they have money leftover to spend?

Hat Tip – MSNBC