Skype One-Ups Apple With Mobile Video Chat That’s Truly Mobile

Skype's video chat feature outdoes Facetime by adding 3G access

Skype has launched a video chat feature for their iPhone app which adds 3G capability making mobile video chat truly mobile.

Users of Apple’s new Facetime app can appreciate the frustrations of only being able to video chat by WiFi only. Skype has not only found a way to use video chat via 3G, but even iPhone 3GS users in a limited receive only video basis. Here’s how it works:

Users who have the iPhone 4 or 4th generation iPod Touch can initiate video calls with friends who use the iPhone 3GS, iPad, and 3rd Generation iPod Touch, while 3rd Gen Apple device users can only receive the video chat while talking audio only. Mac Desktop users can also jump into the fray using the Skype client. And don’t forget, Skype now how group video conferencing of up to five video streams simultaneously.

Check out the commercial announcing it by clicking on the link below, it’s funky:

But what’s really challenging to Apple’s Facetime dominance is that Skype can video chat over 3G, not just WiFi only. And the data usage isn’t too bad, chiming in at about 1.3MB per minute. Frankly, I’m amazed that Apple approved this update, but it may be that they’ll be announcing a “one more thing” update next month that will do the same.

The Skype App update is free can is available right now at the App Store.