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Janice Wald Henderson Travels to India


Travel to India is high on a lot of traveler’s bucket lists. Janice Wald Henderson visits the show to to share her recent experiences traveling to India. Most people choose to travel India one of two ways: backpacking and through in hostels, or with a luxury tour. Janice booked her trip through Cox and Kings which has been traveling to India since 1758. She shares about the vibrancy of the culture and insider travel tips to make any bucket list trip a success.

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Find Top-Rated Hotels Worldwide with Jetsetter.com Survey


You might think that hotel rankings are done and don’t merit much attention. But with promotional efforts and partnerships with websites, how do you know if the list you’re reading is truly telling you the best hotels out there? Jetsetter.com compiled their list of The World’s Best Hotels by surveying their global correspondents in a myriad of categories including the expected (family friendly, all inclusive) to the unexpected (best looking guests, safari lodge). Clara joins the show to share highlights from the survey, insights, and more.

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Greg Geronemus Smartours

Trinidad-4When planning travel, especially international travel, it’s always best to have an idea of what the current state of international travel is around the world. Greg Geronemus from smarTours gives an update regarding travel to Cuba (which since the podcast was recorded, embargo travel restrictions have changed), Japan, Africa, and Europe, as well as deals, the strength of the U.S. dollar, and more.

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The State Department’s Brenda Sprague Shares Passport And Travel Security Tips

Brenda SpragueWhy should you always have a current passport? When should you renew? What do you do if your passport is lost or stolen? Brenda Sprague, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services with the State Department, joins Paul and Elizabeth at the New York Times Travel Show to share her expertise about your most valuable travel document. A wealth of free and accurate information can be found at the State Department’s travel site.


Southern Bohemia Offers Great Beer, Fine Food, And History

IMG_3289 (3)Join Paul and Elizabeth as they continue their journey through the Czech Republic. In Southern Bohemia, come along with them to České Budějovice and tour the Budweiser Budvar brewery, where Jan Kratky reveals the secrets of great beer-making. Then visit Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site where Paul and Elizabeth take you to a most unusual restaurant and learn some important lessons about more recent Czech history.

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An Asian Hotel In The Heart Of Prague

OnTravelLogoSquareRooms in red and black with an Asian motif might not be what you’d expect to see in the heart of Prague’s historic district, but the Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague features dramatic rooms and a great restaurant offering Asian-inspired dishes. Join Paul and Elizabeth as they have lunch in the hotel’s Siddharta Café, where they chat about this and other surprises Prague and the Czech Republic offer.

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Chateau Liblice Offers A Romantic Escape In The Czech Republic

IMG_2359Join Paul and Elizabeth as they venture to Chateau Liblice, a baroque palace dating from 1699. The 52-room hotel about 53 miles northwest of Prague offers elegant rooms, formal gardens, and horseback-riding through a forest. All for only about $150 a night. Paul and Elizabeth share their adventures of visiting a nearby castle and driving through the chateau’s game park. It all seems like a fantasy, but this resort is real.

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One Of The Hidden Resources Powering Travel On The Internet

ontravel logoDaniel Farrar, Chief Executive Officer, joins Paul to talk about the technology behind Switchfly the company powering travel search/booking and loyalty point redemption solutions for some of the world’s most celebrated brands. Almost all of us use the technology of Switchfly when we search for travel on the Web.  Farrar shares that Switchfly is rapidly expanding its leadership and technology solutions across the global travel, financial services, and ecommerce industries, and anticipates that it will continue this trajectory into 2015 and beyond.  Switchfly just may be the coolest technology in the travel industry. This is an archived interview first aired in 2014. 



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Tim Leffel Talks About Cheap Living Abroad

Tim LefffelTim Leffel chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a fantasy many of us have had: living abroad. But is it possible to do it affordably? His website and book provide practical advice to help you pursue your dream.

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Anne Banas And Smarter Travel Hit The Highways Of America

2013 Anne Banas headshot - blue ORIGINAL backblur (3)Anne Banas joins  Paul and Elizabeth to talk about recent columns at Smarter TravelIn this edition she hits the road for summer road trips. Great stories and great trips.