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Driving With Your Pet Tips From The Pet Safety Lady

Christina Selter chats about traveling with your pet in a car. Keeping you pet safe takes some thought and information. Your can learn about which cars are safest for pets and what you need to know about keeping your pet safe at her fact filled web site barkbuckleup.com. Christina is the leading authority on the subject of pets and cars.

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Gary Arndt On Spain, Airline Travel And Iphones

Gary Arndt joins Paul during a rare stop at LAX to lunch and talk about travel and travel techniques. Gary is on his way to Thailand via Japan and Singapore on a new Singapore A380. He’ll report on that experience another time.

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South Dakota’s Fall Color Displays Among the Best

The Black Hills of South Dakota are ablaze with fall color. Paul chats with state tourism secretary Jim Hagen about places to see spectacular fall color in the state. South Dakota is a great place to visit anytime of year but for fall color there are some surprises. The Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway features a series of rock tunnels, each one framing a view of Mt Rushmore. South Dakota is a great way to experience the variety that the West and Central parts of the country offer.

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Summer Fishing And Camping With Milepost Alaska

Alaska correspondent, Cheryl Metiva, talks hunting and fishing in the Alaskan summer with Paul. She even shares some tips from Milepost as to the best areas and times of year for the salmon runs.  Oh yes and she does tell us how Alaskans cope with mosquitos. Turns out its the temperature that matters.

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AirBerlin’s Inaugural From Los Angeles to Berlin

Paul chats with Mats Jacobsen, international sales vice president for Air Berlin on the inaugural from Los Angeles to Berlin in May. Mat’s talks about the beginnings of the airline in Oregon in 1978 and how it has grown to be the second largest airline in Germany. Frequent contributor to Traveling, Norm Sklarewitz, joins in to provide a prospective on why Air Berlin has prospered and why it is expanding.

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British Airways Cuisine Flies High

The first inflight meal service was served 85 years ago. Paul and Elizabeth chat with Simon Talling–Smith the head of British Airways in North America about the advances in in-flight meals service since then. British Airways has been a leader in creating new menus over the years and also in researching just how food tastes at 35,000 in an airline cabin. You might be surprised. Incidentally it was in 1927 that Imperial Airways, a predecessor to British Airways first served food on a two-hour flight from London to Paris. A male steward dressed in a smart  white  tunic  served  just  ten passengers on the flight. Onboard  was  a  small  cabinet carrying four gills (servings) of whisky, a dozen  bottles  of  lager  beer,  two siphons of sparkling water and twelve assorted bottles of mineral water. They was a packet of sandwiches, some  biscuits  and  one or two thermos flasks of hot water, within which the steward  made  coffee  or  beef  tea  to  nourish the passengers during the flight.  The  service  represented the height of luxury since before this you had to take any food you wanted on the flight yourself. Today, British Airways’ cabin crews serve around 100,000 meals a day. There is a collection of historical information at British Airways’ head office and is open to members of the public. Information about the collection can be found online at www.ba.com/heritage.

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Milepost Alaska Is The One Guide You Need When Driving In The North

Cheryl Metiva of Milepost Alaska joins Paul to talk about how driving in Alaska has changed over the years and how Milepost, first published in 1949 has stayed up with the times. There’s even an electronic edition. Milepost is the Alaska trip planner and Alaska travel guide to the highways, roads, ferries, lodgings, recreation, sightseeing attractions and services along the Alaska Highway to and within Alaska, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon. It’s simply indispensable.

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Johnny Jet Talks Airline Travel And Tbex

Johnny Jet checks in with Paul and discusses his recent travels and his experiences since his last appearance on Traveling. He shares some tips on travel and talks about TBEX. Even a immigration officer in Canada knows about TBEX.

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Hertz Never Lost Travel Apps

Now here’s a great idea. Pair up a rental car company with a dedicated mobil app that covers 11 travel apps that sync with Hertz’ wireless nav system and you have the idea behind these My Explore travel apps. Paul chats with Graham Weedon from Navigation Solutions about the apps and the applications and usefulness they add to the Hertz Never Lost system. The apps allow users to drill down into a city and find the most unique tours – from the “Hangover” tour in Vegas … to the Beatles tour in NYC as well as explore other features of each city from special events to augmented reality, attractions and more.  Plus, Hertz provides help with trip planning by allowing for download codes that can be entered from the phone and into the GPS rental unit for routing to specific places you want to find, as well as an audio feature which shares great sound bites of travel facts and history. The first city download is free and the additional cities are $.99.

City apps include: Dallas-Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami-West Palm, New York, Sacramento-Northern California, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Boston and Washington, D.C.

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American Airlines Bold New Flagship Check-in At LAX

American Airlines’ new Flagship® Check-in at Los Angeles International Airport is nothing short of spectacular. Paul chats with American Airlines exec, John Tiliacos about how the employes got together to create the new space almost overnight. There’s a separate curbside entrance with drive-up and drop-off convenience complete with a doorman on the day we were there, and inside you’ll find dedicated customer service representatives to assist with your individual travel needs and best of all an exclusive security line to expedite security clearance. Of course it helps to be flying first class, but anyone using our favorite Five Star service can check in as well. For everyone flying American no matter in what class it becomes a much better check-in experience.