Daily short travel features that air around the world on America Forces Radio and other networks.

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Top Canadian Chefs Talk Food

What’s the food scene like in the Great White North? Eric Pateman of Edible Canada, and Wayne Morris, executive chef of Boralia, join Paul and Elizabeth to talk about the latest food trends in Canada, including combining dishes from various culinary regions in the same meal.

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Travel Tips with Shane Dallas, The Travel Camel

Shane Dallas, TheTravelCamel.com

Shane Dallas, the “Travel Camel,” not only has visited over 100 countries in his travels, he fully immerses himself into the lives and cultures where he goes. And he always comes away from the experience changed for the better. In this episode, he joins Elizabeth to talk about tips on how to travel easier whether traveling a little, or a lot.

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Jennifer Dombrowski With Husband Tim — Romance In The Seychelles

Jennifer Dombrowski chats with Paul and Elizabeth about a romantic trip to the Seychelles and a fantastic luxury lodge on a private island surrounded by nature and giant tortoises. Husband Tim came from Asia and she flew from France to meet in the Seychelles. Check out more of their travels at their website Luxe Adventure Traveler.


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Cunard Voyages WWII

On this episode of Traveling, Cunard is teaming up with The Greatest Generations Foundation for a once in a lifetime transatlantic cruise from Southampton to New York, and to pay tribute to the forgotten heroes of World War II. Cruising aboard the Queen Mary 2, this trip will relive the days of the original Queen Mary being a troop transport and honor our nation’s veterans with a unique enrichment program. 

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Jennifer Dombrowski Talks Wine Bordeaux And Getaway to Bristol

Jennifer Dombrowski reports in on another great wine event in Bordeaux where the great wines are tasted from the barrel for the future. According to Jennifer 2016 should be a good vintage for vineyards south of the river. She also talk with Paul and Elizabeth about visiting Bristol, England. Recently named one of the best places to live in the UK.


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AON’s Beth Godlin Shares Insider Tips On Travel Insurance

Beth Godlin, president of AON Affinity Travel Practice joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about travel insurance and the increasing importance of travel insurance in today’s world. They discuss the need for good insurance with cruising and of course medical evacuation issues which are increasingly costly



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Port Of Quebec: History, Tall Ships, And Great Food

The Port of Quebec shines especially brightly this year, as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. The port’s Marie-Andree Blanchet joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss Quebec City’s fascinating history, its wonderful foods, and upcoming events, such as a gathering of the Tall Ships. Join them to learn more about one the world’s most inviting ports.


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Margie Goldsmith Explores The Best Of Swiss Ski Resorts


Margie Goldsmith, the Snow Lover  and collector of cow bells, traveled via Swiss International Airlines on a travel pass on the Swiss Travel System which also includes  50% price reduction on most mountain railways and free admission to nearly 500 museums. She stayed in Swiss Deluxe Hotels  and talked about on the air some of the best in Switzerland  including: The Carlton Hotel, St. Moritz, The Grand Hotel Kronenhof PontresinaThe Tschuggen Grand Hotel, ArosaThe Widder Hotel.  She dined at: Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz  and  The Arosa Kulm Hotelhttp://www.arosakulm.ch/en/ Although she does express reservations about raclette and fondue we are confident the Swiss people will welcome her back at anytime. However they will protect their cowbells. There is more information at Switzerland.  


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Jennifer Dombrowski’s Top 17 Places to Travel in 2017

Regular guest Jennifer Dombrowski visits the show to talk about her top 17 places to travel in 2017. A tradition she’s carried through the years, Dombrowski has used her travel expertise and experience to make her list. Topping the list this year, is her current hometown: Bordeaux, France. Other locations we’ve discussed on the show with Dombrowski include Morocco and the Philippines. Read the full list on her website and listen for more details in the podcast below.




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Gary Arndt Travels To National Parks In Nevada

Gary Arndt visits the show to share his most recent adventures in his goal to see (nearly) all the National Parks in the United States. Recently he visited Nevada to explore Great Basin National Park. Arndt shares his experiences and tips for traveling to destinations in Nevada outside of Las Vegas. He also spent time at the new Tule Springs Fossil Beds (a National Monument since 2014). Listen to the full episode below and view Arndt’s photography on his website.