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Learn About North America’s First Floating Brewery

John Carpenter visits the show to talk about the world of brewing. The Red Frog Pub aboard the Carnival Vista is the first floating brewery in North America, brewing its beer on board the ship. It partners with Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery to create unique beers for its guests. John talks about the on-board pub as well as beer brewing around the world, including history, types of beer, and even health benefits.

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Celebrate U.S. National Park History at BBC.com


To celebrate the U.S. National Park’s 100th anniversary, BBC.com has created a series on the national parks. Anne Banas, travel editor at BBC.com, visits with Paul and Elizabeth to talk all things National Park. While the beauty of the landscape is an exciting draw, this series focuses on the people that make the parks unique. From rangers, employees, and other volunteers that keep the parks up-and-running to sharing their passion and stories with visitors, the people across the U.S. who work at the parks make them special places to travel to. Anne shares highlights from the series as she talks with Elizabeth and Paul.

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Book Passage Conference is Like Summer Camp For Travel Writers and Photographers

Elaine Petrocelli

Nothing quite compares to the community created at the Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference in Corte Madera, California. Located just outside of San Francisco, the bookstore celebrates its 40th anniversary and the conference its 25. Owner and founder Elaine Petrocelli visits with Paul and Elizabeth at the conference to share how the bookstore and conference came to be, what you can expect when you attend, and share some of the stories of specials guests and best selling authors throughout the years.

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“My Holiday in North Korea” with Wendy Simmons


Not a traditional place for vacationing, Wendy Simmons visited North Korea and wrote her book, “My Holiday in North Korea: The Funniest/Worst Place on Earth.” Wendy visits with Paul and Elizabeth to share insights on her trip and how the experience impacted her. From getting an hour-by-hour itinerary approved prior to her visit, to having escorts every time she was outside, Wendy shares the unique elements about traveling to a place like North Korea as well as the glimpses she had into the daily lives of people living there.

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Don George Celebrates Nearly 40 Years of Travel Writing with New Book


Don George visits the show at the Garden Court of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco to talk about his new book, “The Way of Wonderlust.” The book—a highlight or “best of” his career—covers 35 published stories in 38 years. Thanks to his experience as a teacher and mentor in the travel writing industry, the book is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the ever-changing field travel writing.  

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‘Airstream: America’s World Traveler’ with Patrick Foster


Airstream trailers have been an iconic American travel staple for nearly 85 years. Families, travelers, and adventure-seekers alike have taken these trailers around the world. Patrick Foster wrote the book Airstream: America’s World Traveler highlighting the history, design, and manufacturing and discusses what makes Airstreams truly special. From restored Airstream hotels to caravans across the globe, these remain a travel icon for a reason.

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Greg Geronemus Smartours

Trinidad-4When planning travel, especially international travel, it’s always best to have an idea of what the current state of international travel is around the world. Greg Geronemus from smarTours gives an update regarding travel to Cuba (which since the podcast was recorded, embargo travel restrictions have changed), Japan, Africa, and Europe, as well as deals, the strength of the U.S. dollar, and more.

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Sean O’Meara Talks About The Perfect Travel Pillow

BullRestTravelers are familiar with the array of neck pillows available, but the BullRest Travel Pillow is a new offering we’re big fans of. Sean O’Meara created as a more comfortable, smaller, and better pillow for travelers. About the size of ski goggles, and ergonomically designed, these pillows provide better alignment and easily fit inside a carry-on bag. Sean also shares some of his favorite travel items.

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Around The World By Aging Land Rover And Motorcycle Two Books Tell Story

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 5.38.25 PMIn 2002 Christopher Many set off on his round-the-world voyage with an ailing Land Rover. He named the Land Rover, Matilda, and for the next eight years, travelled 200,000 kilometres through 100 countries.  Left Beyond the HorizonA Land Rover Odyssey, tells the story in detail. Christopher left again for a third trip around the world in 20012 with his partner Laura Pattara and his motorcycle Puck. They travelled for four years from Europe to Australia. His new book Right Beyond the HorizonA Motorcycle Odyssey will tell the story of his most recent adventure, and will be published later this year. Christopher and Laura were in Indonesia when we caught up with them.

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Tech Guru James DeRuvo Talks Cars and Security

winningappleconceptcar1-800x450James DeRuvo returns to talk smart cars with Apple’s new Apple Car operating system, a smaller iPhone, and being smart and secure on Social Media, especially while traveling.