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Carnival Adds Havana Overnight To Caribbean Cruises

Terry Thornton, Senior Vice President of Carnival Cruises joins Paul and Elizabeth to share details of their new Havana, Cuba cruise program in the Caribbean. Leaving from the port of Tampa, Florida, Carnival offers 12 different cruises to Havana: either 4-day “weekend” cruises or 5-day cruises with an additional stop at a location such as Key West. 

Terry shares what kind of logistics goes into creating a new cruise line destination and what passengers need to prepare as well as what the cruise line takes care of for them. Additionally, Terry and Paul discuss his predictions for Caribbean cruising. Listen below for more information. 


TAP Portugal Looks Forward To Expanding Role In New Routes

TAP Portugal is expanding and carrying Portugal’s flag to new parts of the world with expanded routes. Paul chats with Carlos Paneiro about what makes the airline special.



Shane Dallas Reports on Some of the Best Cities Around the World

Regular guest Shane Dallas is back to talk about his most recent travel experiences and share what’s new since he last visited the show. First off, he’s recently been announced as Conference Director, Europe for TBEX, and his new travel tours are off to a great start. 

He and Paul discuss changes in travel over the past few decades, including airline accommodations and more. They also talk about some of the most exciting and greatest cities to visit around the world including Isfahan in Iran and Kyoto in Japan. For more, listen to the full episode below and visit his website The Travel Camel

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Margie Goldsmith’s Amazing Adventures In The Andes

Today’s episode comes straight from the NYT Travel Show with regular OnTravel correspondent Margie Goldsmith. This time Margie shares stories from a wide variety of exciting trips. From one of her first trips as a freelance travel writer in the Cloud Forrest in Peru, to desert vacations, and road trips on motorcycles. 

In the episode below you’ll hear firsthand about Margie’s incredible excursions including her recent motorcycle trip from San Francisco, through Yosemite, which ended in Reno. She also talks with Paul and Elizabeth about inspirations from the NYT Travel show and much more. Listen to the full episode below, and be sure to follow Margie on Instagram to see where her next adventure takes her.  

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Wendy Wu Tours Offers Exclusive China And Asia Insights

In this episode we visit with Leslie Peden, president of Wendy Wu Tours, visits to share travel insights, trends, and tips when traveling to China and beyond. China continues to grow in popularity as one of the hottest travel destination and Leslie talks about the various unique experiences their tours offer from iconic local sights (like pandas and the Great Wall) to one-on-one local and authentic culinary experiences. In addition to all things China, Leslie talks about other destinations Wendy Wu Tours is seeing growing in popularity. For more information listen to the full podcast below and visit the Wendy Wu Tours website.

Tech Lord James DeRuvo Talks Ways To Make Video Better With Monopods

Tech Lord James DeRuvo Talks about GoPro’s Karma Grip Handheld Stabilizer, and the Freewell Pro S1 360° Monopod. Now you can capture the moment coming and going!

Also, and update on Star Wars Land, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Ride, and the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland!


Coastal Louisiana Shines With Culture And Dining

On this episode, Timothy Bush visits with Paul to talk about visiting the Louisiana coast. While most people’s minds immediately go to New Orleans when thinking of places to visit in Louisiana, there are many more places to visit beyond the well-known city. Timothy talks about the 10 unique destinations along the coast, their advantages and why visiting them is a must when in the South. From the ties bringing the unique cultures together, to the cuisine that sets each parish apart, and the events and festivals celebration the region, there’s something for everyone. Listen to the full episode below and see their website for more details.

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Shane Dallas Checks In From Nairobi

Shane Dallas is back, visiting the show from Nairobi. Shane has recently completed a feat he never thought possible: visiting 100 countries. On this show, he shares some details about traveling to Nairobi in 2017, traveling to Indonesia, and his 100th country. Having heard of travel to Iran in the early 90s, but not having had a chance to visit, it was an ideal place for his 100th country. Shane tells us about the amazing people, culture, and sights he witnessed on his trip. For more details, visit his website and listen to the full episode below.


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Killer Shrimp is Cool in Marina Del Rey

Kevin Michaels, owner of the restaurant Killer Shrimp in Marina Del Rey, California visits the show to talk to Paul and Elizabeth about his restaurant and more. The restaurant, which opened about 20 years ago, is based on Kevin’s dad’s secret shrimp recipe. Nestled in the Marina Del Rey harbor, it’s the only location with a “dock and dine” offering, allowing people to dock their boats and come into the restaurant. Kevin also shares about the growth and future of the marina, views on sustainable seafood, and more in the episode below.


David Lyon Covers European Travel…For Geniuses

Whether you’re planning your first or twenty-first trip to Europe, being up-to-date on the newest travel trends and tips is vital. David Lyon visits the show to share his expert tips from his and his wife Patricia Harris’s new book “European Travel for the Genius.” David talks with Paul and Elizabeth about what sets this book apart from other travel books, as well as shares vital travel tips. From how to discern online reviews and ratings, to airline selection advice, even the most seasoned traveler has something to learn. Listen to the full episode below for more.