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AON’s Beth Godlin Shares Insider Tips On Travel Insurance

Beth Godlin, president of AON Affinity Travel Practice joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about travel insurance and the increasing importance of travel insurance in today’s world. They discuss the need for good insurance with cruising and of course medical evacuation issues which are increasingly costly



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Port Of Quebec: History, Tall Ships, And Great Food

The Port of Quebec shines especially brightly this year, as Canada celebrates its 150th birthday. The port’s Marie-Andree Blanchet joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss Quebec City’s fascinating history, its wonderful foods, and upcoming events, such as a gathering of the Tall Ships. Join them to learn more about one the world’s most inviting ports.


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The Wine Is Green: Earth Month In California Vineyards

Nancy Light of the California Wine Institute joins Paul to talk about the efforts of California winemakers to not only create green practices but world-class organic wines. Whenever you travel to California plan a visit to one of the great wine growing regions.



Jennifer Dombrowski Reports From France on Skiing in Andorra

Jennifer Dombrowski is back reporting from Bordeaux, France on her most recent trip. This time, she traveled to a small place, not far from Bordeaux, in the Pyrenees mountains: Andorra. 

From how to get there to her favorite restaurants, activities, and other attractions Jennifer gives all the details you need to plan a trip to what she calls the most underrated winter sports destination in Europe. With charming towns and luxe ski resorts, there’s something for everyone. 

Jennifer, Paul, and Elizabeth also talk about traveling in the Bordeaux region and more. Listen to the full episode for all the details and read more on her website


Carmel Indiana Champions Traffic Roundabouts As Way To Lessen Congestion

Mayor Jim Brainard of Carmel, Indiana has made the city a leader in the use of traffic roundabouts, containing more than 100 within it’s city streets.  Jim talks with Paul and Elizabeth about how increasingly, cities are trading their traffic lights in for  European-style roundabouts. 

They’re doing it for reasons that range from cost savings and traffic flow to safety and the environment.  As many as four times the number of cars move through a roundabout in the same time as a traffic light, and yet the number of injury-related accidents goes down by an astonishing 80%.  And because cars are not idling in long lines before launching again, each roundabout typically saves thousands of gallons of gasoline per year.

For more, listen to the full episode below. 



500px Has Nine Million Members Taking Great Travel Photos

Andy Yang from 500px visits the show to talk all things travel photography. Paul met Andy at the Phocuswright Conference in Los Angeles last year, and today they discuss great travel photography. 

500px is a photography community and marketplace that aims to help photographers grow three things: their skills, network, and wallets. Andy shares info on each as well as more details about how to join, upload, and even monetize your travel photography. 

Additionally Paul and Andy discuss other travel photography topics, 500px’s visual intelligence offerings, and more. Listen to the episode below for more. 


Carnival Adds Havana Overnight To Caribbean Cruises

Terry Thornton, Senior Vice President of Carnival Cruises joins Paul and Elizabeth to share details of their new Havana, Cuba cruise program in the Caribbean. Leaving from the port of Tampa, Florida, Carnival offers 12 different cruises to Havana: either 4-day “weekend” cruises or 5-day cruises with an additional stop at a location such as Key West. 

Terry shares what kind of logistics goes into creating a new cruise line destination and what passengers need to prepare as well as what the cruise line takes care of for them. Additionally, Terry and Paul discuss his predictions for Caribbean cruising. Listen below for more information. 


TAP Portugal Looks Forward To Expanding Role In New Routes

TAP Portugal is expanding and carrying Portugal’s flag to new parts of the world with expanded routes. Paul chats with Carlos Paneiro about what makes the airline special.



Shane Dallas: The Best Cities Around the World

Regular guest Shane Dallas is back to talk about his most recent travel experiences and share what’s new since he last visited the show. First off, he’s recently been announced as Conference Director, Europe for TBEX, and his new travel tours are off to a great start. 

He and Paul discuss changes in travel over the past few decades, including airline accommodations and more. They also talk about some of the most exciting and greatest cities to visit around the world including Isfahan in Iran and Kyoto in Japan. For more, listen to the full episode below and visit his website The Travel Camel

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Margie Goldsmith’s Amazing Adventures In The Andes

Today’s episode comes straight from the NYT Travel Show with regular OnTravel correspondent Margie Goldsmith. This time Margie shares stories from a wide variety of exciting trips. From one of her first trips as a freelance travel writer in the Cloud Forrest in Peru, to desert vacations, and road trips on motorcycles. 

In the episode below you’ll hear firsthand about Margie’s incredible excursions including her recent motorcycle trip from San Francisco, through Yosemite, which ended in Reno. She also talks with Paul and Elizabeth about inspirations from the NYT Travel show and much more. Listen to the full episode below, and be sure to follow Margie on Instagram to see where her next adventure takes her.