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Janice Wald Henderson Talks Ritz Carlton Ft. Lauderdale and American River Cruising

Janice Wald Henderson

Janice Wald Henderson is back, today to talk about her recent experiences at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recent changes in American river cruising, and more. Henderson recently stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale before and after a cruise, and highly recommends the hotel. It has both the amenities you’d expect from a Ritz Carlton, with the added casual atmosphere you’d find in Florida. In addition to the amenities at the hotel and the wonderful food, Henderson shares expert cruise travel tips as well as how to get the best possible deal at almost any hotel.
Henderson also discusses her recent trip on an all new European-style cruise in America: French America Line. The new company, based out of New Orleans, is changing the river cruise experience in the US, and she has all the details. To learn more listen to the full episode below.



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The Man Behind the Myth: Buffalo Bill

When you think of the wild west, you’re often met with visions of cowboys in open land, riding their horses, and herding cattle. While much of that has faded away with time, Cody, Wyoming preserves the authentic western life. Claudia Wade visits the show to share insights, stories, and fascinating trivia about Buffalo Bill, once the most famous man in the world thanks to his Wild West Show. In the episode below, listen to her tell the accounts of history surrounding the myths and learn more on the Cody website.

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Janice Wald Henderson Talks About Food And Cabo San Lucas

Correspondent Janice Wald Henderson joins Paul to talk about a food festival in a fabulous hotel in Baja California’s Cabo San Lucas. She talks about the amazing modern cooking that can be found in Mexico and the service and talent found in the hotels. And yes there is relaxation aplenty.



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The Best Of Scotland From A True Scots

Jeremy Hawkins with Connoisseurs Scotland talks with Paul and Elizabeth about not only the best places to stay in Scotland but areas of the countryside where there is a luxury hotel and miles of near wilderness. He even shares the remarkable fact that one hotel has a program of providing super sports cars like Ferraris to guests. Of course we do talk about golf but all agree that some of the best food in Europe can be found in Scotland. 



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Jennifer Dombrowski Finds Flying In Asia An Adventure

World traveler, Jennifer Dombrowski, visits to share her experiences recently visiting the Philippines. Her trip started in Manila for the TBEX Conference, where she spoke on her work as a travel blogger over the years. After the conference, she and her husband traveled to other places in the Philippines, including the Two Seasons Coron Island, where they got to explore the ocean with their new diving certification. Listen to the full episode below to hear more about her adventures, as well as travel tips for long plane rides from her and Paul, below as well as on her website.

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Beer Lovers Paradise In The South

Niall Hanley joins Paul and Elizabeth to chat about life and the booming culture in micro breweries in Raleigh, North Carolina. Niall talks about the early days of emigrating from Ireland and starting what has become the pub with the most active taps in the world. Niall talk about the logistics of managing over 360 varieties of beer on tap and how the business has evolved. He shares his plans for a gourmet food court that is in work. 



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Nearly 113 Years of History at the Harley-Davidson Museum

Kristen Jones, a curator at the Harley-Davidson Museum, visits the show to talk to Elizabeth and Paul about one of America’s most iconic brands. In addition to being iconic, this brand has seen a lot over its near 113 years. The museum features 150,000 photographic materials, 5,000 small artifacts, and more than 500 vehicles (including Serial Number 1), allowing visitors to explore major milestones since the company opened in 1903. Kristen shares some of her favorite stories, Harley-Davidson history, and more. Interested in more? Listen to the episode below or visit the museum’s website.

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Explore Sunny Isles Beach Miami

Sunny Isles Beach Miami is tucked away on 2.5 miles of beach along a barrier island, just outside Miami, Florida. Many people traveling to Miami might be familiar with it, as it’s visible from the drive to Miami from Fort Lauderdale. Its hotels (all of which are beachfront) range from 5 star and 5 diamond to retro art deco. Known as a family friendly spring break destination, the city boasts something to do for virtually everyone. From yoga on the beach, fine dining, outdoor activities at Oleta River State Park, cultural areas, to fishing off the pier, there’s a wide variety of things to enjoy.

To learn more about visiting Sunny Isles Beach Miami, including what it was like to be there during Hurricane Matthew, listen to the full podcast below or visit their website.

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Margie Goldsmith Bikes The Sierra Nevada And Yosemite


Correspondent Margie Goldsmith talks with Paul about a recent trip on a BMW motorcycle from San Francisco to Yosemite and through the California Gold Country and the Sierra Nevada. She discusses some hair raising adventures on the back of her husband’s bike on some backroads. It’s an adventure combining thrills and even some luxury. But mostly it’s about incredible scenery.



Gary Arndt Hangs With Polar Bears In Canada

EasterIsland Gary Arndt

Global Travel Correspondent Gary Arndt has just returned from one of the most remote national parks in Canada. He spent days in a tundra buggy hotel watching polar bears in their natural environment, while they wait for the Arctic ice sheet to reform so that they can return to hunting seals.