An inside look at cruising and why it is one of the best vacations ever.

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Janice Wald Henderson Talks About Ritz Carlton Before A Cruise

Janice Wald Henderson is back, today to talk about her recent experiences at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recent changes in American river cruising, and more. Henderson recently stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale before and after a cruise, and highly recommends the hotel. It has both the amenities you’d expect from a Ritz Carlton, with the added casual atmosphere you’d find in Florida. In addition to the amenities at the hotel and the wonderful food, Henderson shares expert cruise travel tips as well as how to get the best possible deal at almost any hotel. 
Henderson also discusses her recent trip on an all new European-style cruise in America: French America Line. The new company, based out of New Orleans, is changing the river cruise experience in the US, and she has all the details. To learn more listen to the full episode below.


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Douglas Ward Talks River Cruising And His Book

Douglas Ward visits the show to talk with Paul and Elizabeth about all things river cruising. Ward has been publishing books on cruising for 32 years, is a leader in the cruising industry, and has recently expanded his expertise to river cruising. On the show he shares his experiences, talks about his new book, as well as covers new trends in river cruising (such as the recent expansion in the US and Southeast Asia). Listen to the full episode below to learn more.

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Learning Culinary Skills OnBoard Seven Seas Explorer

Join Paul for a cooking class at the Culinary Arts Kitchen aboard Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Seven Seas Explorer. Paul chats with the Arts Kitchen’s Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly about the program and why guests can’t get enough of it. Chef Noelle Barille, who assists with the classes, also joins the conversation, along with Paul’s fellow pupil Jason Leppert of TravelPulse. See how fun it can be to learn to cook at sea!



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Behind The Luxury Curtain On Seven Seas Explorer With Randall Soy

Randall Soy, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, of Regent Seven Seas Cruises joins Paul and Elizabeth aboard the line’s Seven Seas Explorer. The ship has been in service since July of 2016, and we take a look at how it’s doing. Regent Seven Seas Cruises celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and Randall talks about the line’s evolution, as well as its plans for the future, which include cruising to Cuba. “Our guests love to learn,” says Randall, discussing Regent Seven Seas’ Smithsonian program. The three also discuss cruise value – on a Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the cruise fare includes just about everything – and shore excursions that give a more in-depth experience than the norm. Find out what’s it like to cruise on the Seven Seas Explorer.

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Margie Goldsmith Experiences Pure Luxury in Portugal

OnTravel Correspondent Margie Goldsmith visits our show once again, this time to share her experience cruising on the Douro River in Portugal. Margie traveled on the Scenic Azure with Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, an experience that was nothing short of luxurious. Margie shares details on what she calls a “6 star experience” on the all-inclusive ship. In addition to the amenities, Margie shares stories of her travels through the various cities in Portugal visited on the cruise. Hear her exciting experiences firsthand in the episode below.

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Joni Reins Of Scenic River Cruises and Emerald Waterways Talks River Adventure

Joni Reins joins Paul to talk about how Scenic has established itself as the premier river cruise company in Europe. She discusses how it is totally all-inclusive and provides a truly personalized experience for each passenger. 


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Wallace Immen Shares Thoughts On Cruising And New Carnival Vista

Wallace Immen visits the show once again, this time to share his experiences on river cruises in Myanmar/Burma. Wallace shares his experiences on the new ships and their amenities and features. He also shares his experiences in towns and villages along the way, his experiences in temples, the cuisine, the new year festivities, and more. Paul and Elizabeth later discuss cruising in general, including new ships, experiences, amenities, and more.



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Learn About North America’s First Floating Brewery

John Carpenter visits the show to talk about the world of brewing. The Red Frog Pub aboard the Carnival Vista is the first floating brewery in North America, brewing its beer on board the ship. It partners with Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery to create unique beers for its guests. John talks about the on-board pub as well as beer brewing around the world, including history, types of beer, and even health benefits.

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Janice Wald Henderson on River Cruises and More

Janice Wald Henderson

Janice Wald Henderson visits the show once again to talk to Paul and Elizabeth about her recent experiences with Travel Corporation, river cruises, and more. Starting on a French river cruise on the SS Katherine, Jannice shares what makes these cruises from Uniworld unique. From their boutique hotel feel, to the luxurious safari themed bar by the on-board pool, amenities are everywhere, including the suites. Janice goes on to share insights, stories and more with Paul and Elizabeth.

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Curt Dunham Takes A Wine Cruise On AmaWaterways

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Winemaker from Arizona, Curt Dunham joins Paul to talk wine and European wine cruises. He talks how he came into the industry, making wine in Arizona, and how his vineyard came to popularity. He also shares insights and information from a recent European wine cruise with AmaWaterways, perfect for travelers and wine connoisseurs looking for something new.  

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