An inside look at cruising and why it is one of the best vacations ever.

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Wallace Immen Shares Thoughts On Cruising And New Carnival Vista

Wallace Immen visits the show once again, this time to share his experiences on river cruises in Myanmar/Burma. Wallace shares his experiences on the new ships and their amenities and features. He also shares his experiences in towns and villages along the way, his experiences in temples, the cuisine, the new year festivities, and more. Paul and Elizabeth later discuss cruising in general, including new ships, experiences, amenities, and more.

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Learn About North America’s First Floating Brewery

John Carpenter visits the show to talk about the world of brewing. The Red Frog Pub aboard the Carnival Vista is the first floating brewery in North America, brewing its beer on board the ship. It partners with Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery to create unique beers for its guests. John talks about the on-board pub as well as beer brewing around the world, including history, types of beer, and even health benefits.

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Janice Wald Henderson on River Cruises and More

Janice Wald Henderson

Janice Wald Henderson visits the show once again to talk to Paul and Elizabeth about her recent experiences with Travel Corporation, river cruises, and more. Starting on a French river cruise on the SS Katherine, Jannice shares what makes these cruises from Uniworld unique. From their boutique hotel feel, to the luxurious safari themed bar by the on-board pool, amenities are everywhere, including the suites. Janice goes on to share insights, stories and more with Paul and Elizabeth.

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Curt Dunham Takes A Wine Cruise On AmaWaterways

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Winemaker from Arizona, Curt Dunham joins Paul to talk wine and European wine cruises. He talks how he came into the industry, making wine in Arizona, and how his vineyard came to popularity. He also shares insights and information from a recent European wine cruise with AmaWaterways, perfect for travelers and wine connoisseurs looking for something new.  

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Windstar Cruise CEO Shares Exciting Changes to Fleet


Windstar CEO visits to share all things yacht sailing and more. While massive cruise ships sail around the world, small vessels (like the Windstar yachts) create a unique, casual atmosphere and can go places other can’t. Hans Birkholz shares how the specialized yacht-style cruising came about and the future for the Windstar fleet.

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Adam Goldstein On Cruising’s Role In Preserving The Marine Environment

Adam Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.53.40 PMGoldstein, president and chief operating officer of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., joins Paul and Elizabeth at CLIA’s Cruise 360 in Vancouver to chat about RCCL’s partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Preserving the marine environment is a high priority for the company, and for the global cruise industry. They also talk about the latest in ship technology and how it is also contributing to a cleaner environment.



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Eat Sleep And Play Well On A Princess Cruise

IMG_3536Princess Cruises is investing $450 million in ship enhancements that include Share restaurants, with menus created by star chef Curtis Stone, the Princess Luxury Bed, designed for better sleep, and The Voice of the Ocean, a seagoing version of the popular TV talent show. Paul and Elizabeth share the fun.
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Janice Wald Henderson Talks Cruising And Celebrity Chefs

Janice Wald HendersonCorrespondent Janice Wald Henderson joins Paul to talk about the trend of chefs joining cruise lines to create both signature food and signature restaurants. Curtis Stone creating Share on Princess and Thomas Keller working with Seabourn are two of the leaders. Janice shares her expertise in looking at the trend and what it means for food at sea. They also discuss her recent trip to the Galapagos Islands and how the currrent policies have worked to preserve one of the world great resources from tourist pressures.

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Vicki Freed Talks Cruising And New Royal Caribbean International Ships

VickiFreed029 - 1Royal Caribbean International Senior Vice President Vicki Freed, one of the cruise industry’s most influential voices, shares an insider’s view on RCI’s new ships, the line’s plans for the future, and how travel agents can help you get the best experience on a cruise. She also chats with Paul and Elizabeth about RCI’s super-fast Wi-Fi at sea and how social media from passengers onboard has changed the face of cruising.

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Christine Duffy CEO Of Carnival Cruise Line On Military Cruise Deals

Christine photo red jacketChristine Duffy, CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about new ships, military travel deals, and home-porting that makes a Carnival Cruise accessible by car from most of the United States. They discuss new features on the ships, Carnival’s amazing dining options, and the popularity of the line’s entertainment venture Carnival Live. Paul and Elizabeth make the point that Carnival is the best value in cruising today with dining options rivaling more expensive lines.