An Afternoon With Butterflies In Key West Are A Memory Forever

With a glass conservatory dome designed for intense storms the Key West Butterfly Conservancy is back undamaged and and provides not only great beauty but a real learning experience for visitors to Upper Duvall Street. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Jennifer Dombrowski Heads To Wales And Some Surprises

Jennifer Dombrowski checks in from Bordeaux, France to tell of her trip with husband Tim to Coastal Wales. They drove part of the way and discovered some fun inns, great scenery, and some neat attractions. And bad weather in Snowdonia keep them out of the mountain hikes they were looking forward to.    SaveSave

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The Florida Keys Come Back

Andy Newman who has been spokesman for the Florida Keys for 37 years, is a Florida native and has a home in the Keys. He talks with Paul and Elizabeth about how Key West and all of the Keys are coming back after Hurricane Maria. Andy shares the details of how hurricanes can both effect […]

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Emily Gallagher Reveals Why Hostelling International Is Enriching Travel

Emily Gallagher talks with Paul about how Hostelling International is changing with the enlarged expectations of young travelers today. However she also stress that all age groups use hostels in order to not only experience the comraderie of other travelers that hostels pride but to stretch travel dollars. She also shares with Paul that hostels […]

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Fall Comes To California Ablaze With Color

John Poimiroo joins Paul to kickoff another Fall Color Season in California. John tells how a unique climate and changes in altitude  make the fall color season last for months in the Golden State.       

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Janice Wald Henderson Talks About Virtuoso Travel Advisors

Janice Wald Henderson joins Paul to talk about her annual journey to Virtuoso Week, the annual conference where the world’s luxury travel advisors meet to shape our view of luxury travel. Janice and Paul point out that luxury travel doesn’t have to be super expensive. However, while costing more than mass market vacations, a luxury […]

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Max Hartshorne Of GoNomad Reveals The Joys of Canada’s Gaspe

Max Hartshorne joins Paul to talk about the joys of travel to Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula, which is about as far east as you can go and still be on the mainland. The Gaspe combines French and English culture, great food, and enough scenery for a year of travel. Read all about Max’s journey here.   […]

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Greg Geronemus Talks About Getting The Best Deal On Your Next Tour

Greg Geronemus co-founder of Smartours  joins Paul to discuss travel costs and how to control them. Greg brings his expertise as a successful tour operator to the subject and helps to dispel myths about tours and touring. This time they discuss Cuba, Europe and Asia and why each offers unique opportunities for touring.     […]

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Gary Arndt Chases Storms And The Eclipse

Global Correspondent, Gary Arndt joins Paul to talk about his latest adventure  which combined storm chasing with eclipse watching. Of course joining a storm watcher tour requires clouds and watching the eclipse requires clear skies. So that means a lot of driving. Gary describes the advantages of having a van and a driver who knew the territory […]

Jennifer Dombrowski Visits Toulouse For A World Of Wine And Airbus

Our correspondent, Jennifer Dombrowski lives in Bordeaux and brings France, and her global travels with husband Tim, to Traveling. Jennifer joins Paul and Elizabeth to discuss her recent trip to Toulouse, France, where she discovered an amazing world of wine that serves as an educational resource. Jennifer also reveals a passion for airplanes and discusses the tour […]