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April Orcutt, Eight Feet Above the Sea

2016 TravMedia Travel Journalist of the Year April Orcutt is also a travel reporter for the LA Times. She joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about her recent trip to the Maldives Islands, and why it’s called the Carribbean of South West Asia.   SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Morphing Holidays at Disney’s California Adventure

Dave Caranci, Manager of Creative Development for Walt Disney Imagineering, joins Paul to talk about the role of Imagineers in creating Halloween in CarsLand at Disney’s California Adventure and how that holiday morphs into Christmas. Paul and Elizabeth chat about holiday travel.   SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave

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Hotels — Allison Inn and Spa, Managing Director, Pierre Zriek

Pierre Zreik is the Managing Director of one of the best luxury resorts in Oregon’s wine country,  The Allison Inn and Spa. He talks with Paul about what really makes a great hotel and it isn’t price.  SaveSave SaveSave

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Mark Jaronski of Select Registry Talks Luxury And Great Inns

Mark Jaronski, new CEO of Select Registry, joins us to talk about their remarkable portfolio of small inns and B&Bs and what makes a great inn. We also learn that while a great in depends on who the innkeepers are, price may also reflect some indication of its quality.    SaveSave SaveSave


Tom Savio: Under the Circus Big Top

Tom Savio knows more about trains than anyone else we know, but he’s also a huge fan of the circus. Tom reveals his lifelong love of the Circus and his visit to the last great bigtop. Tom and Paul also also discuss how they survived the 70s and the Summer of Love. SaveSave SaveSave

SATW: 60 Second Travel Writer #15 – Cliches

Avoid clichés like the plague. Here’s a 60-Second Travel Writer Tip from LA Times Travel Editor Catharine Hamm: Cliches are easy to latch onto because they grow from kernels of truth but become so shopworn that they lose their punch. Worse, they can weigh down your otherwise crisp prose. They also can date you. The […]

SATW: 60 Second Travel Writer #14 – Redundancies

In your writing, watch out for redundancies. Here’s a 60-Second Travel Writer Tip from LA Times Travel Editor Catharine Hamm: All bullies are mean, all jinxes are bad luck, and all redundancies are repetitive. We’ve all done it, and it’s embarrassing when we don’t catch it. Sometimes these creep into our writing because they’re part […]

SATW: 60 Second Travel Writer #13 – Space Fillers

Like what we wear, the way we write and talk changes. Certain things go in and out of fashion. But lately, we’ve noticed a bad fashion choice – the use of the word “so.”         Here’s a 60-Second Travel Writer Tip from LA Times Travel Editor Catharine Hamm: The word “so” we’re […]

SATW: 60 Second Travel Writer #12 – Passive Voice

Active voice makes for vibrant prose. Here’s a 60-Second Travel Writer Tip from LA Times Travel Editor Catharine Hamm. When we write, “The lumberjack chopped down the tree” or “Serena Williams crushed the shot over the net,” you can picture the action. But sometimes, we paint word pictures in the passive voice. That means that […]

SATW: 60 Second Travel Writer #11 – Being Professional

Being a talented writer is just the beginning. To be successful, you also have to be great to work with. I’m Westways Travel Editor Elizabeth Harryman, and here’s a 60-Second Travel Writer Tip.          Be professional. That means turning your story in on deadline, on word count, and make sure the copy is as clean […]