British Airways’ Terminal 5 at Heathrow

[display_podcast] British Airways new International Terminal 5 makes International travel in and out of Great Britain a smooth experience. But it wasn’t always that way. Paul and Elizabeth have the details.

Eating on British Airways

The food on British Airways is so good, that people actually choose to fly the airline just for that reason. Paul and Elizabeth have the details [display_podcast]

Using ATMs on the road

What happens when an ATM eats your card? Paul and Elizabeth talk about how to be careful when using ATMs and what you need in case they’re lost, stolen or eaten by the ATM! [display_podcast]

Bedbugs are back in the most unlikely locations

It seems that even swanky hotels aren’t immune to the latest outbreak of bedbugs. Paul and Elizabeth have the news. [display_podcast]

Coffee in Italy

Italians take their coffee very seriously. Paul and Elizabeth talk about enjoying coffee in this Mediterranean Mecha for the sacred brew. [display_podcast]

How to complain while traveling

Have you had a negative experience while traveling? Paul and Elizabeth talk about how to effectively complain to get satisfaction. [display_podcast]

Saving money with a B&B

Love a good deal at a Bed and Breakfast? Elizabeth has a few tips on how you can save money with a B&B like the Percy Inn. [display_podcast]

Getting the most mileage while driving

Taking a family road trip this summer? Paul gives tips on how to save money on gas by getting your car ready for the journey. [display_podcast]