Shipboard Safety

The recent sinking of a cruise ship brings to mind the importance of knowing what to do should the worst case scenario present itself. Paul and Elizabeth provide tips of what to do if you should have to get off a ship in a hurry. [display_podcast]

Reducing Travel Stress

These days, travel can be stressful. In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth discuss simple planning trips that can lower the stress and make travel more enjoyable. [display_podcast]

A reality check for travel …

With low fares and rising operating costs, it’s not secret that airline service has fallen on hard times. But a realistic look at your travel expectations can still make flying fun. [display_podcast]

Traveling overseas for medical procedures

Many are tempted by low cost medical care overseas. But Paul and Elizabeth offer words to the wise before agreeing to go overseas for that medical procedure. [display_podcast]

Medical emergencies in exotic places

What do you do when you suddenly fall sick overseas? Paul and Elizabeth talk services available which can treat and transport you back home. [display_podcast]

Wild Horse Encounter

Riding the Range My horse sensed them first. We were riding up a wash to a line cabin in the Nevada high desert under a full moon that bathed the world in silvery light when the horses whinnied and snorted. I was out inspecting watering tanks and fences on a ranch. Up ahead in the […]

Passports 101

Passports are your absolute best form of identification. But most Americans don’t have one. Here’s how you can get a passport with tips from Paul Elizabeth. [display_podcast]

Packing Light

Traveling light and looking good. Paul and Elizabeth give you some tips. [display_podcast]

Local Dining Tips while Travelling

One of the greatest adventures in travelling is trying the local cuisine. Paul and Elizabeth have a few tips on where to find that great local restaurant. [display_podcast]

Christmas Markets in Germany

Buying handmade christmas ornaments in German villages. Can anything say the Holidays more? [display_podcast]