Christmas Markets in Germany

Buying handmade christmas ornaments in German villages. Can anything say the Holidays more? [display_podcast]

San Pancras Station

Take a train ride on the Eurostar from St. Pancras Station in London. [display_podcast]

Basel Christmas Shop

In this episode of the Pod, Paul and Elizabeth tell us how the best holiday ornaments in the world come from Basel, Switzerland. Just ask Father Christmas. [display_podcast]

Holiday Travel Celebrations

Cities from coast to coast celebrate the holidays and offer some great memories for travelers. Here are a few locations to consider during the holiday season. [display_podcast]

Tahiti Culture

Today’s Pod features the Culture of Tahiti. Tune in for details of this island paradise with Paul and Elizabeth. [display_podcast]

Traveling Safely

Paul and Elizabeth talk about how to stay safe while traveling. [display_podcast]

An Austria Christmas

Austria celebrates the holidays in grand style, where even the home village of the hymn “Silent Night” is a site to see. [display_podcast]

Christmas in Stockholm

In winter, this Scandinavian city shines. Spend Christmas with Paul and Elizabeth in this episode of the Pod. [display_podcast]

Planning a Holiday Vacation

Holiday vacations are not only expensive, but very busy. But with a little prior planning and traveling on days others won’t can make a holiday vacation very enjoyable. [display_podcast}