GPSs Photo tagging, Getting yourself in the picture

Can’t remember where you took all those great vacation shots? The Gisteq Photo Trackr can use GPS to show you exactly where you did. Also, getting yourself in the picture with both the GorillaPod and the QuikPod. [display_podcast]

Gota Canal

The Gota (Yota) Canal in Sweden is quite a sail through some of the most interesting lock systems ever built. [display_podcast]


Shooting pictures with the Olympus SP560UZ

On this episode of GT, James takes a look at the Olympus SP560 Ultra Zoom camera. If you want more than a point and shoot, but aren’t ready for a digital SLR, an Ultra Zoom like the SP560UZ is a great option. Also, James makes a plea for less LCD size and more viewfinders … […]