Alaska Raptor Center

Helping injured birds of prey, the Alaska Raptor Center treats about 200 birds and educates thousands of children every year about the natural life of these amazing birds. Just outside of the town of Sitka. [display_podcast]

Finding a Tour Guide

Traveling independently means you’re on your own most of the time, but a Tour Guide can really help get around a foreign destination. Here’s how you can find a good one. [display_podcast]

Singles Cruises

If you like to travel alone, single’s cruises are a fun and affordable way to travel. But there’s a literal price to pay for going it alone. [display_podcast]

Contiki Tours

Perfect for the 18-25 crowd, Contiki Tours are ideal for the young traveller. [display_podcast]

Budgeting for a Vacation

Creating a vacation budget can assure you can afford a great vacation. [display_podcast]

Romantic Finland

Finland for Valentine’s is romantic. Paul and Elizabeth talk about the most romantic destinations in this winter paradise. [display_podcast]

Escaping to Provence France

Taking a different tour in Provence, France can take travelers away from the Crowds. Paul and Elizabeth examine Provence Escapes. [display_podcast]