New Passport Rules

Passport rules change on June 1. Paul and Elizabeth have the latest on what’s new and where to get information on how to get back home when traveling abroad. [display_podcast]

The beautiful gardens of Israel’s Knesset

Tourism is alive and thriving in Israel, and the new Israel Knesset Archeological Garden is a great new attraction for those traveling to the Holy Lands.

Air Traffic Safety

Does low pay and little rest affect air traffic safety? Paul and Elizabeth share a few conclusions from a recent government report. [display_podcast]

Travelling with infants

Paul and Elizabeth on travelling with infants and why it’s a good idea to give them their own seat. [display_podcast]

Traveling by British Rail

Harry, Hermione and Ron aren’t the only ones who can travel Great Britain by train. Pick up a Britrail pass and find out what the British country side is really like. [display_podcast] Buying a Britrail pass is a great way to see the English countryside.