British Airways Free Flights

British Airways Face To Face contest offers business travelers a chance to network and fly free to anywhere the airline flies. The catch? You have to write an award winning essay on why it’s important to have face to face meetings to grow your business. Check out [display_podcast]

Visiting Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is open to the public from July 26th-September 30th thanks to an annual Royal vacation to Scotland. [display_podcast]

London’s Heathrow Express

Getting to Heathrow Airport from London is free for your kids this summer on the Heathrow Express! Check out the details. [display_podcast]

Visiting Houston for NASAs 40th Lunar Anniversary

Visiting Houston for the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing this month is an ideal way to remember the heady days of Apollo. And not just at Johnson Space Center, but all over the city. [display_podcast]

Renewing your passport

Renewing before your passport expires can save you time and money. And some countries have special requirements. Elizabeth has the scoop on the best time to renew that passport. [display_podcast]

The Bermondsey Square Hotel – A cool new hotel in London

London’s Bermonsey Square Hotel is anything but square. With a 60’s pop culture theme and all the modern ammenties, it represents an excellent value for travellers going to London. [display_podcast]