Jennifer Dombrowski Talks About Recent Travels and Military Discounts

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Dombrowski 1Uber blogger and contributor to Traveling, Jennifer Dombrowski joins Paul and Elizabeth to update them on her recent travels and talk about how her blog on Iceland and the Northern Lights has gone viral. She also tells of new travel discounts on her website that include good deals for military personnel and families. She also talks about how to stay warm in an igloo in Zermatt. Here’s an excerpt:

A few years ago, my mom and dad send us on an igloo adventure in Slovenia as a Christmas gift. We had such a fantastic time, Tim came home and promptly ordered an igloo building kit from REI. We tried to build our very own igloo once right after getting our kit, but it was a bit too warm, the snow wasn’t good for compacting, and we started too late in the day. And the winters in Italy haven’t been very snowy ones since; they’ve been more like an extended autumn morphing into spring. So we were really excited when we were invited to Iglu Dorf by Zermatt Tourimus. Who wouldn’t want to spend a night right next to Switzerland’s most famous mountain?!

Photo courtesy of Iglu-Dorf

Photo courtesy of Iglu-Dorf


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