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Anne Banas From Smarter Travel Talks About Free Food In The Air

Anne Banas HeadshotContributing correspondent to Traveling and Executive Editor of Smarter Travel.com,  Ann Banas chats with Paul and Elizabeth about the few remaining airlines that still serve snacks and even real food in the air. All three of us agree that the best inflight food even in this day and age is to be found on Hawaiian Airlines.

Here are two excerpts from the Smarter  Travel piece by 

Christine Sarkis. “As if going to Hawaii weren’t reason enough to be happy, Hawaiian Airlines takes it to the next level with a variety of free food options (as well as meals you can buy). Passengers on morning flights from the continental U.S. and Canada to Hawaii can start their vacation early with a complimentary Mai Tai and a breakfast box containing Hawaiian bread, guava jelly, dried tropical fruits, and a macadamia-nut cookie. Free lunch and dinner options include teriyaki chicken, salad, and mango cake, plus a glass of wine.”

And then Anne told us about an airline we haven’t flown but definitely will. Porter Airlines.

The free-snack options on Porter will have you wishing the Canadian carrier served more U.S. cities. Almonds, vegetable chips, and cookies are standard complimentary options. During meal times, the airline offers snack boxes that include pastries, fruit, and yogurt for breakfast and sandwiches, salads, and chocolates for lunch and dinner. You don’t have to wait until you’re in the air for free treats, either: Porter’s three airport lounges (in Toronto, Ottawa, and Newark) are free for departing passengers and stocked with snacks such as chocolate-chip shortbread cookies and espresso drinks.

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