How To Travel The World For Free With Michael Wigge

Bild32Award-winning journalist and film-maker Michael Wigge traveled 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica. Not that hard, isn’t it? But: he did it without even one penny in his pocket! And on the way, Wigge filmed himself and the numerous people he met on his journey. His book How To Travel The World For Free and the television series of the same name are award winning hits and understandably so since Michael is on to something. Don’t we all want to at least have a fantasy that we can just go off and travel without care? Michael reveals to Paul that not all of the trip was easy going but in the end it truly was the trip of a lifetime. You’ll want to hear how he made it to Antartica by bartering his servies as crew on a ship. The television series is currently running on PBS stations in the US.